Important Information for Patients and Dispensaries !

There are a growing number of medical clinics giving out 'recs' using Skype or using a Physician's Assistant. This is of course to cut costs for profit. However, please know, this is against California Medical Board regulations and, thus, illegal.

SKYPE: Where you see the doctor on a computer screen, not face-to-face.


Be sure and do your homework and make sure that the medical doctor is NOT using Skype and that you are personally seeing the medical doctor and not his assistant. Your rec should be signed by the doctor 'in your presence' (not pre-signed).


Be sure the patient's recs have been produced by a clinic where the patient saw a licensed medical doctor and the clinic has a valid FNP.

Patients and Dispensaries:

Another item to be legally aware of, is that the facility where you obtain your doctor's rec, must be legally permitted by the medical board. If the clinic 'name' is something other than the doctor's name, then that doctor must obtain a FNP from the medical board and display it in the medical office. ASK TO SEE IT.

FNP = Fictitious Name Permit, Sample here: